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What We Do​

we partner with the local store in your province.

Think about the item you’ve been looking for all across your province.

validate store owners to guarantee your safety.

We validate the authenticity of every store owner to guaranty customer safety

we save you a ton of time, effort, and money.

We bring every local store into your mobile space. Now you can save on gas!

New Collection

A Perfect Place To Find Your Local Store

Our expectation is that both store owners and buyers will have an awesome selling and buying experience. Now people can finally find what they are looking for in any local store either within their province or any other province.

Some Featured Categories

All Beauty
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry


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Hassle Free Experience

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer an industry 21-day money-back guarantee — no matter the reason.

Premium Customer Service

We take pride in going above and beyond to solve issues and keep our community happy.

Access to Store Owners

ask questions about any store item and have them answered by the store management.


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