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Account Set-up

Have a question about setting up your account? Found out how to set up your account and keep it safe.

General Info

Find out how LABRASKI works, partner with us, and abide by our Terms of service and policies.

Manage Account

Managing your LABRASKI account is never been so easy. Do you any questions? find it here.


Find out LABRASKI payment policies, the acceptable payment platforms, invoices and refunds

Damage Control

We consider the parties involve and take the most appropriate steps to resolve conflicts amicably.

Labraski Rights

Find out more about LABRASKI RIGHT to update her terms of use and LABRASKI Marketplace


Find out what GST/ HST rates will apply to transactions made within and outside your province.

Canada shipping

Shipping and Packaging tips can help you minimize costs, while optimizing efficiency and speed.

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